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To my surprise, when I searched for MD marketing I found a list of random marketing businesses that weren’t related to the medical industry so I took the liberty of preparing a list of relevant agencies and specialists along with industry blogs.

Contrary to the other articles you’ll see on this blog, this one is meant more like a tiny directory and reference point than a deep dive into a healthcare marketing topic.

MD marketing specialist agencies

Let’s dive into what MD marketing means, how marketers can help businesses in the healthcare industry grow along with some specific examples of specialists you could work with.

What is MD marketing?

It is sometimes referred to as marketing for the field of medicine (M.D. from Latin means Medicinae Doctor – a doctor of medicine), whether that is for a specialty clinic, a pharmacy, a hospital, or something else in the field. There are also some marketing agencies and consultants that use it in their name.

Medical marketing service examples

Some consultants and agencies specialize in something narrow like SEO content or digital advertising for healthcare businesses, but in general, these days the type of problems a healthcare marketing consultant can help solve are for example: 

  • B2B events and conferences
  • Online advertising to get new patients
  • Manage partnerships
  • Build a social media presence

Of course, they can also help figure out which of the channels are necessary in the first place along with an overall strategy for what to execute on.

B2B events might be conferences inviting doctors to an exotic place where they get to enjoy a weekend with relevant talks, good weather and along the way, they might do a demonstration of new medical devices as part of their sales process. This can also be done for B2C by going through a B2B channel, for example by doing a similar conference for HR staff.

Online advertising is one of the services I see the most often. It’s pretty much what it sounds like – advertising often on Google search and Facebook to get new patients to book a consultation. That includes everything from search to video marketing.

They can also help build an organic social media presence which is the opposite of ads, where we grow e.g. a fanpage with followers as a channel to drive new patients.

Finally, there are partnerships with other brands that create synergy for both. For example, a partnership between a pharmacy and a hospital or clinic.

Online marketing channels

I wanted to list some of the common online marketing channels that we use in the healthcare industry from time to time, to serve as inspiration. Common examples of online marketing channels that healthcare marketers can help with are:

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok
  • Snap
  • Whatsapp and other chat-services
  • Google search
  • Youtube
  • Other display ads
  • Partnerships
  • Inbound lead generation

Medical marketing specialists

Even though my consulting services aren’t for sale at the time of writing, I didn’t want to leave you empty-handed. Below is a few examples of marketing agencies and specialists, and if you want more, here’s a list of 15 healthcare marketing consultants you could work with.

  1. Messenger Healthcare Marketing – – SEO and PPC for doctors
  2. Levo Health – – Data-driven healthcare marketing and patient engagement services
  3. PrescriptionPR – – A New York-based healthcare marketing company
  4. Elizabeth Hanes (Hanes Health Content) – – Freelance healthcare writer

Healthcare marketing blogs

There are a ton of healthcare-related marketing blogs out there but many share generic advice or are simply abandoned. Besides this very website, here are a few that you might be interested in if you’d like to read more:


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